My Dad Was A Depressed Cat

This Project is a continuation of my previous project Anti-parents, in which I try to reveal some Chinese family problems. In this project, I made some autobiographic drawings based on my childhood memory.

​My father suffered​ from depression for a long time, while I was quite young. This has big effects on me, but nobody in my family want to talk about this anymore. The dark memories tortures me a lot in recent years, especially when I came across problems in intimate relationship.  I dreamt a lot about my parents. In these strange dreams, sometimes they are cats, and sometimes my father is a frog. Patients in mental hospital become crazy flowers and chase after him. Earthquake in my dream destroys my home and goblins in UFO take my father away. I wrote down these dreams, add to imaginations, and decided to make a discontinuous story of my parents.

​For me, creating these pictures is a process of releasing and self-healing. Maybe my parents will see these drawings one day, and see the efforts I have made to reconcile with them as well we myself.